Adrien Couvrat

Le Corbusier et les reflets de la couleur
23/06/2017 to 01/10/2017

Adrien Couvrat – internationally recognised Parisian painter and visual artist – has painted a series of canvases specifically for the Villa “Le Lac” in consonance with the colours of the walls and the dimensions of their openings.

In the imposing avant-garde embodied in the Villa “Le Lac” (1923), Le Corbusier implemented a subtle play of colours in which each hue has a function or a symbolic import. A given colour placed next to another will produce a particular atmosphere – a tone. That is Le Corbusier’s “colour keyboard”. This summer, Adrien Couvrat has placed himself at the controls of the instrument and plays a score in which architecture, painting and the museum experience are in symbiosis.

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Photos © FLC/ProLitteris